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Associação Portuguesa de Imprensa
Organisation Profile
Organisation Profile: 

The Portuguese Publishers Association (APImprensa) founded in 1961, is a non-profit organization with 200 members, publishers covering more than 900 national, regional, specialized, b2b and digital publications.
Its main objectives are the promotion of activities which can contribute to the valuation and importance of the Press freedom, as well as a business activity, defending its member’s interests.
APImprensa represents its members within the official and professional entities, and promotes the cultural, scientific and promotional work of its members in the press market.
APImprensa has developed studies, about the press value and relevance, within the media management area, such as: “The Media and the EU Enlargement”; Regional Press Bareme; “Internet’s impact in the journalistic companies”; “The Regional Press in Portugal”; “The multiplying effect”; “The Press role in the media”; “Journalistic Ethics”; “The Portuguese Press Year Book”.
The Association has promoted, by the years, several congresses which marked the press market actuality in Portugal, and organizes seminars which promote the discussion of the most important issues in the publisher’s management.
APImprensa maintains straight and permanent contacts with national and international press institutions.

Working Group(s)
Working Group(s): 
Audiovisual-Heritage Institutions (WG3)