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Licences for Europe
Structured stakeholder dialogue 2013

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Working groups

Existing Working Groups (WG):

  1. Cross-border Access (WG1)
    Cross-border Access and the Portability of Services The Commission's objective is to foster cross-border on-line access and "portability" across borders of content.
  2. User-generated Content (WG2)
    User-generated Content and Licensing for Small-scale Users of Protected Material The Commission's objective is to foster transparency and ensure that end-users have greater clarity on legitimate and non-legitimate uses of protected material, and easier access to legitimate solutions.
  3. Audiovisual-Heritage Institutions (WG3)
    The Commission's objective is to facilitate the deposit and online accessibility of films in the EU both for commercial purposes and non-commercial cultural and educational uses.
  4. Text and Data Mining (WG4)
    Text and Data Mining for Scientific Research Purposes The Commission's objective is to promote the efficient use of text and data mining (TDM) for scientific research purposes.