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Text and Data Mining Working Group (WG4)

Text and Data Mining for Scientific Research Purposes (WG4)

The Commission's objective is to promote the efficient use of text and data mining (TDM) for scientific research purposes. TDM currently requires contractual agreements between users (e.g. typically research institutions) and rights holders (e.g. publishers of scientific journals) to establish the modalities for technical access to the relevant data sets.

The Group should explore solutions such as standard licensing models as well as technology platforms to facilitate TDM access.


Ongoing discussions in this group

WG4 Conclusions from meetings

Conclusions from the meetings of Working Group 4


WG4 Agenda of 3rd meeting, 22 April

Presentation on the 1st meeting - Cross-Border Access

Introductory presentation (European Commission) to the Cross-Border Access (WG1)