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Cross-border Working group (WG1)

Cross-border Access and the Portability of Services (WG1)

The Commission's objective is to foster cross-border on-line access and "portability" across borders of content. To benefit from new developments, like cloud-computing, cross-border legal access to cloud-stored content and services should also be facilitated. Service providers interested in providing their services to consumers across the EU need to ensure that they have secured all the necessary rights in the Member State in which they wish to provide services. Both multi-territory and single territory licensing is possible, depending on the sector, the service provider and the rights holder. However, distribution of content is often limited to one or a few Member States (e.g. using geo-blocking), with service providers (online platforms) or rights holders electing to impose cross-border sales restrictions.

The Group should take stock of current industry initiatives and deliver practical solutions to promote multi-territory access.