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The EUR series

After the european elections : parliamentary games and gambles. Editorial comments.

In: Common Market Law Review 2014, v. 51, n. 4, August, p. [1047]-1056.


Prognosen zur Zusammensetzung und Arbeit des Europäischen Parlaments nach der Wahl 2014

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The temporal paradox of regions in the EU seeking independence [electronic resource] : contraction and fragmentation versus widening and deepening?

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Leaving the EU

Vaughne Miller. In: Current Politics and Economics of Europe 2013, v. 24, n. 3-4, p. [215]-362.


Europe’s Crisis [electronic resource] : background, dimensions, solutions

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The INT series

Speaking with a single voice [electronic resource] : the EU as an effective actor in global governance?

Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt & Sophie Meunier, ... [et al.]. In: Journal of European Public Policy, 2014, v. 21, n. 7.


The European Union and the democratization process of the Western Balkans : a critical perspective

Ana Ješe Perković. In: Southeastern Europe 2014, v. 38. n. 1, p. [112]-133.


The European Union and the Black Sea [electronic resource] : the state of play

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