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The EUR series

Eastern enlargement ten years on [electronic resource] : transcending the East‐West divide?

Guest Editors: Rachel A. Epstein and Wade Jacoby. In: Journal of Common Market Studies, 2014, v. 52, n. 1, January.


The European Union [electronic resource] : wider and deeper?

R. Daniel Kelemen, ... [et al.]. In: Journal of European Public Policy 2014, v. 21, n. 5, p. [643]-792.


On the slow train to nowhere? [electronic resource] : The European Union, enlargement fatigue and the Western Balkan

John O’Brennan. In: European Foreign Affairs Review 2014, v. 19, n. 2, p. [221]-241.


The European Union and the democratization process of the Western Balkans : a critical perspective

Ana Ješe Perković. In: Southeastern Europe 2014, v. 38. n. 1, p. [112]-133.


EU-Osterweiterung : eine Bilanz nach zehn Jahren

Berthold Busch ... [et al.]. In: Wirtschaftsdienst 2014, v. 94, n. 5, p. 311-334.



The INT series

Europe and Ukraine [electronic resource] : Putin’s project

Timothy Snyder. In: Frankfurter allgemeine Zeitung für Deutschland [on-line] 2014, 16 April.


Provokateur Putin

Stefan Meister ... [et al.]. In: Internationale Politik 2014, v. 69, n. 3, p. [7]-45.


Russia’s latest land grab : how Putin won Crimea and lost Ukraine

Jeffrey Mankoff. In: Foreign Affairs 2014, v. 93, n. 3, May/June, p. 60-69.


Les cent jours qui ont changé l’Ukraine

Alain Guillemoles. In: Politique internationale 2014, n. 143, printemps, p. [45]-63.


Les femmes, quelle place dans l’économie?

Dominique Meurs, ... [et al.]. In: Problèmes économiques 2014, n. 3086, 15 mars, p. 5-[42].