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Dyslang course online in Italian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Czech and English

Eleven free online modules for teachers, special educational needs professionals and parents supporting dyslexic, multilingual students with their language learning are available.


Dyslang is the result of a collaboration between partners from Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, England and Wales and is co-financed under KA2 Languages of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Its primary focus is on the multilingual student. It considers multilingualism in society and seeks to expel some of the myths that are prevalent on the subject of multilingualism and to raise awareness of some of the advantages of multilingualism.

The course discusses the nature of dyslexia and how it affects language learning. It considers ways of incorporating diverse learning styles into the language classroom and emphasises the importance of multisensory approaches to teaching and learning. One module focuses on the issue of assessment of multilingual learners and another addresses the use of assistive technology. The last module gathers together a wealth of creative approaches submitted by participants on the pilot Dyslang course. 

In addition to the modules, there are webinars and videos which partners have tailored to the needs of professionals and parents in their local context.

Interested teachers, parents and professionals are free to work through the modules at their own pace and can check their understanding at the end of a module by working through a series of multiple choice questions.

To find out more, please visit the Dyslang website, where you can register for the e-learning.