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English Profile needs your participation

Want to contribute to the listing of what English language learners know and can do at different levels? Join the English Profile Network.

English Profile programme

The English Profile network involves schools, universities and other establishments around Europe - all working together to support the English profile programme - but more members are needed

The objective of the European Commission co-financed English Profile network is to develop 'Reference level descriptions for English', with information about what learners of English know and can do at each level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 

A complete listing of all the words (and their different meanings) and phrases that learners have mastered from basic (A1) to proficient (C2) user, is already available via the English Vocabulary Profile. You can subscribe to it for free via the English Profile website.

New members needed for data collection

Researchers involved in the English Profile are using corpus research techniques based on data provided by real learners of English all over the world. For English Profile’s findings to be really accurate and to reflect the needs of learners everywhere, it is important that schools and universities of every nationality join in! Any organisation that adds some data to the corpus will get instant access to this valuable teaching and research tool. Again, you can sign up via the English Profile website.

English Profile is also a vibrant research community, which would like to invite researchers working in the field of language acquisition, especially those working with the CEFR, to submit papers to the English Profile journal.  There is no charge for publication, and the journal is free to access, ensuring a wide readership. It is online and incremental, so that your paper will be published faster than with traditional issue by issue journals.

To get involved or find out more, please visit the website for the English Profile.