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European language label

  • Start date : 01/11/2013 09:22:45

Excellence and innovation in language learning and language teaching

French national agency 2e2f has been organizing the European Language Label for more than a decade. This initiative encourages excellent projects in the field of language teaching and learning. The Label is opened to any language including regional and minority languages, the sign language, and addresses everyone and all sectors.


In 2013 the European Language Label rewarded:

  • Lille, a represented region, in New-York 2013, coordinated by the Saint Jude Institution, for its students from the higher education branch.
  • Debating Bilingue, coordinated by Télécom ParisTech for engineering students,
  • Pek3 the Traveller Flea-Evolution, coordinated by vocational school pupils from Lycée Louis Bleriot in Trappes, for pupils from primary to secondary schools.
  • European Profiling Grid, coordinated by the CIEP for teachers/trainers/developers in the field of languages.
  • Let’s speak English in Morbihan, coordinated by the local authority Conseil Général du Morbihan, for lower secondary school pupils.
  • The Big Challenge, a European competition aiming at lower secondary school pupils

The official ceremony will take place on the 7th of February 2014 during Expolangues - a national exhibition gathering all the major players in the linguistic field.

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