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Kids2Write preparing for Salzburg Games Fair

  • Start date : 08/07/2013 14:57:46

Successful piloting of games


More than 700 children (age 6-10) and teenagers (age 14-17), teachers and stakeholders successfully piloted prototypes of Kids2Write games in Austria, Germany, Greece, Romania and Turkey. The games will help bilingual children and young adults to improve their writing skills in both of their languages.

Kids2Write motivates multilingual Europeans to better enjoy the multitude of options of written linguistic expression. In most European countries bi- or multilingual children learn how to read and write in one language only – normally the language of their country of residence. A second language, which they may speak at home in migrant or bi-national families, will not be supported in compulsory education. As a result, these children often have to cope with less sufficient skills in written expression in both of their languages. This is where Kids2Write comes in with the Kids2Write games.

Kids2Write relies on traditional and new and innovative games which will help to support writing competence in different languages. Kids2Write also includes innovative technology such as a writing app for mobile phones in order to promote written linguistic expression.

“Word Hunter”, Apps and “Magic Boards”

The different products will focus on the level of individual development of children and young learners. Some products will target the transition from oral to written language. Games such as “Word Hunter” or “Touli” will thus address children in primary schools. Other games such as “Job City” or “Story Rap” focus on primary and secondary writing competencies, on media-related forms of written expression and literary writing. The “Magic Board” game concentrates on hand-written in difference to machine-written language.

The Kids2Write consortium will now prepare the games for final production. All games will come in individual boxes, will be grouped according to the target age group and can be stored in one big tool box, the Kids2Write Game Box. All games will have multilingual instructions and recommendations for teachers and tutors. A handbook will offer additional information on the Kids2Write project, on didactic principles on acquisition and development of writing skills for bilingual youth in Europe and on latest research in this field.

The final project presentation will occur during Salzburg Games Fair (25/10/2013).

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