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Romaninet, the first Romani language course on-line

  • Start date : 30/05/2013 08:39:44

Romaninet is a multimedia course designed to promote the Romani language and culture, fostering linguistic diversity and social dialogue.


The project has been promoted by IES Ribeira do Louro, a Spanish school with a fair number of Roma students. A total of seven other organisations from five different countries have been involved in its development including The University of Manchester, one of the leading universities in Romani Language in Europe, several international NGO’s working with the Roma and a Romanian school with a high percentage of Roma. The project coordinator, AtinServices, is a consultancy specializing in the development of language courses. Concept Consulting has ensured the required quality level of the project.

The course is built on the European Common Framework of Reference for Romani language at beginner level (A1 & A2), for all ages. Its multimedia format facilitates the learning process and also motivates those with a low academic level.

The course includes 15 lessons, each of which has a dialogue based on animations, the new vocabulary from each lesson, a number of exercises for practising the content of the lesson, a simple grammar explanation and a tool for practicing listening and repeating. The course also includes Games to further practice the content of the lessons in a fun way, and a test to allow the user to confirm that the objectives of the lesson have been achieved. The course includes translations into five different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and Bulgarian.

The Romaninet website includes:

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