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Symposium "Multilingualism as a resource" in Lower-Austria

  • Start date : 26/03/2013 08:40:26

A language symposium organized within the Austrian-Hungarian educational project EDUCORB extended is taking place on April 11, 2013 in Lanzenkirchen, Lower-Austria


“EDUCORB extended" builds upon the results of the previous project EDUCORB and aims to promote young people's cross-cultural communication skills in the region to increase their competitiveness in the common labour market.

After introducing the neighbouring languages, German and Hungarian, in pilot kindergartens the focus now lies in promoting the continuous acquisition of the foreign language from kindergarten to the last school year, the deepening of methodological innovation and cross-border cooperation between kindergartens and schools. An important factor for positive learning results is the motivation of the learners, which is promoted by personal contacts and practical experiences in the other country in the form of bilateral events, school projects and internships. Regular network meetings for kindergartens and schools and common language symposia provide a platform for shared ideas, methodological exchange and knowledge transfer. To ensure the quality of language, teaching training opportunities for language teachers are offered as well. A study accompanying the project evaluates its outcomes and provides sustainability.

Within the next months, various activities are planned: cross-border events for kindergartens and schools – intercultural project days for children and pupils; network events for pedagogues; internships in Hungary for Austrian trainees in tourism.

The next upcoming event is an international symposium: "Multilingualism as a resource" will be held on April 11, 2013 in Lanzenkirchen, Lower-Austria. The event provides an insight into the benefits of learning different languages at an early stage and shows how the neighbouring languages are implemented in practice.

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