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The chicken and the egg: using the IWB for language teaching with

  • Start date : 21/03/2013 08:28:58

Helping teachers get the most out of interactive whiteboards in schools across Europe


Helping language teachers to use technology like the interactive whiteboards (IWB) can be tricky. Some teachers have access to IWBs, but lack the time and training to get the most out of them in teaching a foreign language. Other teachers have technology training, or are keen to try out IWBs, but don’t have one in their classrooms. So where should we begin? With training or equipment, the chicken or the egg?

The Lifelong Learning project iTILT, or interactive Technologies In Language Teaching, aims to support language teachers whatever their current context via open education resources. In the website you can find multilingual video resources and training materials on the use of IWBs in language classes, including:

  • the iTILT video resources with examples of over 250 classroom activities for different languages, proficiency levels, and age groups from seven European countries;
  • the iTILT training handbook in six languages;
  • iTILT teaching materials for several languages, levels, and age groups;
  • the iTILT library with links to IWB material collections, IWB literature, information on copyright and more;
  • ideas for exploiting iTILT resources for teacher training.

All materials can be accessed and downloaded free of charge. They should help teachers who already use IWBs to go a little further in their teaching, and perhaps inspire those not yet using this tool to explore ways to try it out.

More about iTILT

Find out more by visiting iTILT website or sending an e-mail to iTILT is also available on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. IWB news and links to relevant resources can be posted using Scoop It.