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EUATC and the partnership in the DGT projects

  • Start date : 14/03/2013 14:58:02

EUATC, the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies AISBL


EUATC is an umbrella organisation for national associations of translation companies throughout Europe, without being limited to the EU. Among other things, EUATC provides a united voice for translation companies. It promotes the highest standards of quality and business practice and helps to improve the training of translators across Europe.

EUATC is a well esteemed partner in various projects of the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT). Among these, we mention the following:

EUATC recently became an associated partner of the Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism.

The European translation industry is facing many challenges. Whether it is how to meet low price competition from across the globe, selecting the right solution from increasingly complex machine translation options, or finding the right talent and strategy to drive the business forward, the choices made can determine success or failure. That is why the continuous participation of EUATC in DGT projects is seen as a fundamental element for the future of the translation industry and the employability of translators.