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Language industry for enhancing employability

  • Start date : 18/02/2013 10:58:20

More and better work placements for language students


The Language industry promotion and visibility project LIND-Web coordinated by DG Translation has taken an important step towards bringing together the academia and industry to provide better employability prospects for the students in the fields of translation and languages.

The LIND-Web Editorial Board, which is an European Commission expert group providing their expertise in the dynamic and rapidly growing field of the language services (translation, localisation, sub-titling, terminology, ..) will be consulted in the EMT (European Master's in Translation, another project coordinated by DG Translation) selection round to optimise the employability of students in the universities selected as EMT member. To be selected, the candidate universities should make sure that their curricula include elements that will enhance the employability prospects of their students and provide support in eventual work placement programmes.