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Network of European Language Label Initiatives and Projects


NELLIP - Network of European Language Label Initiatives and Projects

  • Start date : 23/01/2013 10:59:39

This network currently has EU funding for 3 years (2012-14) through the Lifelong learning programme, under the strand Key Activity 2 – Languages.


The NELLIP Network aims to promote high-quality language learning by applying the criteria used to award the European Language Label.

In its first year, NELLIP selected relevant language-learning initiatives that have received the European Language Label and are consistent with the Commission's current political priorities on language learning.

471 projects have been reviewed and uploaded to the NELLIP database. Of these, some 200 case studies and 50 best practice projects were identified.

National reports on the implementation of the European Language Label have been produced. For each country, the report presents:

  • how the label is organised and managed locally
  • the national label campaigns and national priorities
  • how the label is awarded
  • how earning the label has affected the projects
  • a series of recommendations and best practice.

Numbers of NELLIP network members are currently expanding. So far, 67 language-learning organisations have officially joined. Benefits for members include:

  • sharing experience on quality issues in language learning and on the European Language Label
  • being in contact with other language experts
  • identifying potential partners for international language-learning projects.

If your organisation has been awarded the European Language Label, you are invited to join the NELLIP network. To do so, contact the network coordinator at:

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