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Juvenes Translatores

The 28 winners of the EU Young Translator contest received their trophies from Androulla Vassiliou, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, on Tuesday 8 April.

The winners

The names of the winners were announced in February. More than 3,000 pupils from 750 schools across the EU took part in the test in November 2013. It involved translating a one-page text on European citizenship - 2013 was the European Year of Citizens - in any of the 552 language combinations possible from among the EU’s 24 official languages. In total, they used 157 combinations this time, the highest to date.

Sharing passion for languages

The European Commission’s translators have been running the contest since 2007 to share their passion for languages.

‘The multicultural nature of the whole contest was a real eye-opener. This experience left an indelible imprint on my life so far. It made me feel that I had closed one chapter (my student life and adolescence) in the most positive and successful of ways,’ recalls Andreas Andreou, the 2008 Cyprus winner.

Participate in next year's round

The next round of the contest is the 8th. It will be open for students born in 1997. Enrolment will start early September 2014.

Visit the website of the Juvenes Translatores to find out more about the contest, see the texts up for competitions, or read a few gems picked by the markers. The Juvenes Translatores Facebook page is great to share ideas and content with other participants.