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European Language Label

What is it?

The European Language Label is an award designed to:

  • encourage new initiatives in language teaching and learning
  • reward new language teaching methods
  • raise awareness of regional and minority languages

It is awarded once or twice a year in participating countries to:

  • the most innovative language learning project (the aim being to help raise language teaching standards in Europe)
  • the person who has made most progress in learning foreign languages
  • the best language teacher
What does it involve?

The European Language Label encompasses all aspects of education and training, irrespective of learners' age or methods used. Individual countries may specify requirements of their own. However, the general criteria, agreed at European level, stipulate that initiatives should:

  • have a comprehensive approach to identifying and meeting students' needs,
  • provide added value in the country concerned, i.e. a clear qualitative or quantitative improvement in language teaching or learning,
  • motivate students and teachers to improve their language skills,
  • be original and creative - with new approaches to language learning,
  • have a European emphasis - improving understanding between cultures by promoting language skills,
  • be transferable - they could inspire language initiatives in other countries.
What has been achieved to date?

The European Language Label has been awarded to a variety of projects  including, in 2014:

How to apply?

Contact one of the National Agencies for the European Language Label.