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Commission launches first Translating Europe Forum

The European Commission's DG Translation is organising on 18-19 September an event linking up players in the field of translation. The Translating Europe Forum aims to generate concrete projects between translation stakeholders.  Registration deadline: 31 August.


The Forum, 18-19 September in Brussels, will bring together universities, providers and buyers of translation services, public institutions, private companies and translation professionals to discuss translation-related matters and facilitate the development of concrete projects.

The first day will be devoted to:

  • Innovation in the Translation Sector
  • EU initiatives and Funding Opportunities in the Translation Sector and
  • Bridging the Skills Gap. 

The second day will be dedicated to:

  • Translation and Intellectual Property Rights and a
  • Round Table on the future of the Forum. 

See the draft programme on DG Translation's website on EUROPA:


DG Translation has long-standing relations with various players in the world of translation, such as universities, the language industry, national language institutes, translation services of public administrations in the Member States and professional associations.
In the context of the new Erasmus+ programme and with the full support of DG EAC, DG Translation now wants to establish a more structured cooperation with all these stakeholders, linking them together under one single umbrella: 'Translating Europe'.

Forum and workshops

'Translating Europe' will consist of one yearly conference organised centrally ('Translating Europe' Forum) and a number of events to be organised in the Members States throughout the year ('Translating Europe' Workshops).

The aims of 'Translating Europe' are to:

  • Create a community of interest, with a view to giving visibility to the world of translation
  • Exchange good practices and develop common projects
  • Promote a diversified and sustainable market for professional translators in Europe, by working together on employability and innovation in the context of wider European education and training policies.