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  Finland's central authority is the oikeusministeriö/justitieministeriet (Ministry of Justice).

Its contact details are:


    Unit for International Judicial Administration

    PL 25

    FIN-00023 Valtioneuvosto

    tel: 358-9-1606 7628

    fax: 358-9-1606 7524


Public bodies

Kansaneläkeläitos/Folkpensionsanstalten, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) has been designated as a public body under article 51(3) by Finland.

When Kansaneläkelaitos has awarded maintenance to an individual entitled to it, it may perform the following central authority functions:

    • apply for recognition or recognition and declaration of enforceability of a decision under Article 56(1) (a);

    • apply for enforcement of a decision given or recognised in the requested Member State under Article 56(1) (b);

    • make a request for specific measures under Article 53(1).

The contact details of Kansaneläkelaitos are:

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