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Council Directive 2004/80/EC of 29 April 2004 relating to compensation to crime victims

The directive applies between all Member States of the European Union.

All Member States shall ensure that their national rules provide for the existence of a scheme on compensation to victims of violent intentional crimes committed in their respective territories, which guarantees fair and appropriate compensation to victims. Compensation is to be available in national as well as in cross-border situations, ie regardless of the country of residence of the victim and regardless of in which Member State the crime was committed.

The directive creates a system of cooperation between national authorities for the transmission of applications for compensation in cross-border situations. Victims of a crime committed outside their Member State of habitual residence can turn to an authority in their own Member State (assisting authority) to submit the application and get help with practical and administrative formalities. The authority in the Member State of habitual residence transmits the application directly to the authority in the Member State where the crime was committed (deciding authority), which is responsible for assessing the application and paying out the compensation.

The directive provides for two standard forms.

The ATLAS provides you with information concerning the application of the Regulation and a user-friendly tool for filling in the forms.

Information provided by Croatia on judicial cooperation in civil matters is available on the European e-Justice Portal.

The forms are only available on the European e-Justice Portal .

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