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Assistance to victims (Prj: 73)Detection of violence (Prj: 53)
Exchange of good practice (Prj: 146)Improved understanding of violence (Prj: 109)
Information campaigns (Prj: 53)Information sources (Prj: 24)
Legislative measures (Prj: 26)Prevention of violence (Prj: 162)
Protection from violence (Prj: 73)Psychosocial support to victims (Prj: 41)
Recognition and reporting (Prj: 42)Reintegration of offenders (Prj: 8)
Reintegration of victims (Prj: 22)Studies, Research, Data collection (Prj: 116)
Support to families (Prj: 29)Support to multidisciplinary networks (Prj: 60)
Treatment of offenders (Prj: 16) 


Adolescents / Young people (Prj: 130)Asylum Seekers (Prj: 30)
Children (Prj: 261)Disabled (Prj: 35)
Domestic workers (Prj: 8)Elderly (Prj: 6)
Ethnic minorities (Prj: 40)Homosexuals (Prj: 18)
Migrants (Prj: 77)People in prostitution (Prj: 33)
People in shelters /institutions (Prj: 7)Prisoners (Prj: 9)
Refugees (Prj: 40)Trafficked people (Prj: 45)
Violent men (Prj: 5)Women (Prj: 251)


Educational personnel (Prj: 80)Employers representatives (Prj: 4)
General public (Prj: 68)Judicial staff (Prj: 26)
Local authorities (Prj: 60)Media (Prj: 22)
Medical personnel (Prj: 52)National authorities (Prj: 72)
NGO's (Prj: 29)Other (Prj: 6)
Perpetrators / offenders (Prj: 7)Police and law enforcement (Prj: 48)
Public Authorities (Prj: 2)Regional authorities (Prj: 31)
Social workers (Prj: 113)Union representatives (Prj: 6)

Tools and products

Awareness-raising and information campaigns (Prj: 5)Conference / seminar (Prj: 11)
Field work (Prj: 1)Guidelines and protocols (Prj: 9)
Identification and dissemination of good practice (Prj: 15)Models: analysis / development (Prj: 5)
Multisector network (Prj: 14)Network with NGOs (Prj: 5)
Production of materials (Prj: 9)Reports and publications (Prj: 13)
Telephone / Internet helpline (Prj: 4)Training (Prj: 28)


Child Pornography (Prj: 10)Coercion and exploitation (Prj: 1)
Commercial sexual exploitation (Prj: 31)Female genital mutilation (Prj: 10)
Gendered violence (Prj: 73)On-line violence (Prj: 7)
Physical assault (Prj: 1)Physical punishment (Prj: 4)
Psychological violence (Prj: 2)Racism, marginalisation, exclusion (Prj: 20)
Self-harm (Prj: 6)Sexual violence (Prj: 71)
Trafficking in human beings (Prj: 41)Violence against minority groups (Prj: 59)
Violence in domestic context (Prj: 11)Violence in family (Prj: 84)
Violence in institutions (Prj: 17)Violence in rural areas (Prj: 5)
Violence in schools (Prj: 27)Violence in the work place (Prj: 8)
Violence in urban areas (Prj: 10)Violent cultural practices (Prj: 1)