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Daphne Programme
Project Ref 2005-1-078-C
Lithuania  Creating bullying-free schools in Lithuania and Latvia
The project aims to address bullying in schools and to develop preventive methods. The project will transfer the international experience of effective bullying prevention in schools. The project implementators will analyse the experience of European countries in bullying prevention.
The international conference 'Creating bullying-free schools' will be a forum for exchange and sharing of good practices. The project will use several methods to tackle bullying behaviour.
The training programme will be prepared for school communities and the 50 training seminars 'Developing school anti-bullying policy' for school staff and parents will be carried out in Lithuania and Latvia. The Lithuanian partners will also train their Latvian counterparts in effective bullying prevention in schools.
Two films about bullying will be translated in Lithuanian, Latvian and Russian for the use in trainings and broader use.