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Daphne Programme
Project Ref 2004-2-063-WC
Finland  Good practices in screening of the victims of violence in intimate partnership in maternity and child welfare services
The Finnish screening tool and the working model for identifying victims of violence in intimate partnership will be directly implemented as a pilot in maternity and child care in partner countries. The aims are to benefit the results of this project and other researches in Europe, further develop the tool and working model, create mutual guidelines/standards for the work and disseminate the results to other European countries. Activities are data gathering by interviews, exhange of experiences, training of the health care staff, multiprofessional training and co-operation between governmental organisations and NGOs. Nurses/doctors interview systematicly female patients using the screening tool during six weeks’ data gathering time. Results are a screening tool and working model suitable in maternity care in partner countries and an easy-to-use guidebook for health care organisations at European level.