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Daphne Programme
Project Ref 2003-007-YC
Belgium  Young sexual delinquents - Reduce the chance of recidivism - 3 seminars
Integrated risk assessment of young sexual delinquents with a view to reducing the chance of recidivism.


This 12-month project aimed to compare existing models of integrated risk assessment with a view to promoting this as a contribution to reducing repeat offences by young sex offenders. The heart of the project was the organisation of three seminars (one in each country), beginning with a general explanation and then working groups to discuss in an interactive manner the processes that underlie the different methods of risk assessment.
The objective was to convince the participants and partners of the importance of integrated risk assessment, to show policymakers and magistrates the opportunities for this, to have laid the basis foundation for a network, and to have given an impulse for further cooperation around differentiated treatment. All participants received an information kit and information on the project was shared with policy makers and the media.

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