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Daphne Programme
Project Ref 1998-019-C
Spain  Child sexual-abuse - Victims and perpetrators rehabilitation - For professionals
Analysis of legal obstacles to the rehabilitation of victims and perpetrators of child sexual abuse. Training of professionals, exchange of experience and interviews with professionals dealing with child protection.


The project aimed primarily to study legal obstacles to the psychological rehabilitation of both victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse, with a view to measuring the impact of these legal impediments on rehabilitation and on repeat offending (recidivism).
The project included a comparative study of legal systems in the three partner countries (Spain, Ireland, Netherlands) and exchange of experiences among professionals in these countries.  Three working groups in each of the countries focused on three distinct themes: the impact of legal interventions; the rehabilitation of victims; and the effects of enforcing laws. The study included interviews with professionals and three two-day seminars.  Approximately 77 professionals were involved.
Analysis of the information obtained allowed the partners to identify problematic areas in the legislation and its enforcement that resulted in a negative impact on victims and/or perpetrators.  On the basis of this analysis, the final report included recommendations on legal review.

Material Available

· Research report with recommendations (Spanish, English, Dutch)
· Three-hour video presentation of results (English, Spanish)

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