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Dissemination is a key element of all Daphne projects. It is the way the project moves beyond its own programmed boundaries into the realm of European policy and action. Experience shows, however, that dissemination is often a weak element of projects, tagged on to the end of the project when the ‘real work’ has been completed, and often under-budgeted, inadequately time-tabled, unsatisfactorily planned and very rarely given the due consideration that it requires. In fact, so little importance is given to dissemination in many projects that dissemination is ‘done’ after the project has ended. And yet dissemination is the key to extending a project’s results to other potential users, to those who stand to gain from knowing what the project has achieved – or has not achieved – and to the policy and decision makers who are looking at Daphne with a view to learning lessons that will contribute to their own work.

Dissemination is therefore closely tied to the results of a Daphne project. And every Daphne project has a number of different kinds of result.