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Identifying target groups

Identifying target groups

It is important to understand the difference between target groups and beneficiaries . Beneficiaries are the children, young people and women that the Daphne Programme is designed to help and support. Projects, though, do not always work directly with these beneficiaries but with people who, often on a daily basis, come into contact with them, provide support of various kinds, or who can influence the lives of the beneficiaries in one way or another. By improving the capacity of these people, increasing their understanding, giving them tools for action or otherwise upgrading their ability to support and protect, a project can have a lasting impact, albeit through indirect means, on the lives of children, young people and women.

Target groups often include teachers, parents, law enforcement personnel, judiciary, representatives of the media, social workers and decision-makers. They may also include those who have a negative impact on the lives of beneficiaries, including perpetrators of abuse and violent men. Finding the right target group that group of people who can make a difference to the lives of the beneficiaries, and securing access to them is an important element of project planning. Equipping them with better understanding and skills forms the basis of many Daphne projects.