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Building a project on good foundations

Building a project on good foundations

Very many projects submitted to the Daphne Programme for funding – including quite a few that claim to be ‘the first time an action has been taken in this area’ -- in fact repeat projects already funded under the programme or that have been undertaken or are in progress elsewhere. The first background research you should do in the planning stages, therefore, is to thoroughly search out any projects or programmes that cover the same issue you wish to address.

If you find that projects already exist, that does not mean that you should just abandon your idea. Contact the projects you have found or read available reports and ask what they have done and what the results were. Are these relevant to your situation and, if they are, could you design a project to adapt and test them in new situations (for example in different countries)? If activity has already covered the area you had planned to address, is there a possibility of building on that and developing a further stage of action? Since the Daphne Programme does aim to develop new knowledge and find innovative ways of dealing with violence against children, young people and women, then ‘new’ projects are always hoped for, but valid projects that build on existing experiences and actions also develop the knowledge base and move the agenda forward, so should not just be dismissed as ‘been there, done that’-type actions.