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Preparing a project

Preparing a project

It is not just enough to have a good idea for a project or to have identified a need and want to satisfy it. All projects supported by the Daphne Programme have to comply with the overall objectives of the programme and the annual priorities set each year. Reminding yourselves of these, even if you think you know them, is the very first step you must take. You will find them in the Call for Proposals published each year, and some explanation in the Guide for Applicants that is also updated annually.

To further grasp an idea of the ‘spirit’ of the Daphne Programme, you can read the background documents such as the history of the Daphne Programme, called The Daphne Experience 1997-2003, available on the Daphne website and in the Daphne Toolkit. When you are sure that the project you have in mind fits into the Daphne Programme’s remit, then you can move onto the next step.