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Vĕra Jourová takes up office in the European Commission


On 1 November 2014 the Juncker Commission officially started its term of office that will run until 31 October 2019.

In the new Commission the post of Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality has been taken up by Vĕra Jourová.

"My new portfolio puts people at the centre. Across the wide ranging of current, pending and future action, it is about giving people choice, about protecting their rights and about building trust. When you strip away the complexity and legal concepts, every proposal made by the European Union in these three areas seeks to do one of those three things: more choice; more protection and more trust," stressed Vĕra Jourová during her confirmation hearing in the European Parliament.

Her responsibilities in the new Commission include:

  • Fighting discrimination, promoting gender equality and pursuing negotiations on the proposed Anti-Discrimination Directive, which would ban discrimination in all areas where the EU has jurisdiction.
  • Ensuring the swift adoption of the EU data protection reform and modernising and simplifying consumer rules for online and digital purchases.
  • Concluding negotiations with the United States on a data protection agreement to protect the privacy of EU citizens wherever they live.
  • Setting up an independent European Public Prosecutor's office by 2016 to protect the EU budget from fraud and reinforcing judicial cooperation on criminal matters.
  • Concluding the EU's accession to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of the Council of Europe
  • Ensuring that all Commission proposals respect the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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