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Call for proposals - Criminal Justice "Action grants" 2011-2012

Deadline for submission of proposals: 20/03/2012

Documents for applicants

Note on participation of organisations established in Croatia

I line with the Memorandum of Understanding Choose translations of the previous link  between the EU and the Republic of Croatia on the participation of the republic of Croatia in the Criminal Justice programme signed on 15 december 2011 organisations established in Croatia are now eligible to submit applications and/or participate in projects as co-beneficiary partners under this call for proposals if the project concerns activities in the following areas: European judicial training, exchanges of good practices, the combination of these activities or the participation of Croatian nationals and organisations in European networks pursuing objectives of interest for the European interest. Also costs incurred in Croatia are considered eligible if the project concerns the above activities. Potential applicants/partners should be aware that Croatia should contribute to the budget of the Civil Justice programme for the financial year 2012; the fulfilment of this condition will be verified by the Commission before the conclusion of the Grant Agreement.

Note on correction of template of Annex 1

There has been a small correction in the parameters of Section 1.1. of Annex 1 - Project Description and Implementation Form, which is available in PRIAMOS - the field restriction was locked at 2000 characters and is now corrected to 4000 characters. If you have downloaded the Application Form and its Annexes from PRIAMOS before 10.01.2012, you may log in back to PRIAMOS and download the Application Form again. The corrected Annex 1 is attached to it and this form will allow you to use 4000 characters in Section 1.1. You may use either the old or the new version of Annex 1 and this will not have any effect on the evaluation process.

How to apply

Please apply using PRIAMOS Choose translations of the previous link , the DG Justice grants management system. PRIAMOS allows applicants to register, to download application forms and to submit their applications.

Reporting of fraud and irregularities

Have you received any information on allegations of fraud, corruption, or other illegal activities involving money from the EU budget? Please do not stay silent and report it as soon as possible to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

OLAF's mission is to protect the financial interest of the European Union by fighting fraud affecting the EU budget, corruption and any other irregular activity, including misconduct within the European Institutions, in an independent manner. 

Direct link to the OLAF hotline: Choose translations of the previous link 

Results and follow up

Selected projects

Documentation of the project kick-off meeting, 29/01/2013, Brussels

Reporting documents for beneficiaries

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