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New materials on the gender pay gap now available


A new web clip that highlights the absurdity of pay inequalities between women and men is among the new materials now available on this website. We invite you to forward it to your contacts to help ensure it reaches a large audience.

Other items include a brochure, which explores the gender pay gap, its causes and the benefits of closing it and is also available in 22 EU languages, new posters that can be downloaded and printed, and a quiz that uses multiple choice questions to explain the gender pay gap in the EU, including its causes and impact on the lives of women. This tool could be used as part of a training session on the gender pay gap or at an information stand during an event.

The campaign website has also been updated with the latest developments on equal pay issues and new information aimed at organisations working in the field of equality created. This new section provides detailed information on different ways to help close the gender pay gap, including collective agreements and actions taken by social partners, as well as the tools available to help employers and employees identify if a gender pay gap exists.