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Tackling discrimination - Newsroom

Tackling discrimination - Focus on

  • INSIGN Pilot Project

    ''Improving the communication between deaf and hard of hearing persons and the EU institutions''

    The Insign project has been demonstrated for first time on 9 April 2014 at an event in the European Parliament. Deaf sign language users and hard of hearing citizens during two live demonstrations contacted different MEPs with the innovative Insign platform

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  • European Roma Summit

    European Roma Summit

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  • Roma integration: EU framework triggers first results

    Roma integration: EU framework triggers first results

    04/04/14 - A new report released today on Member States' progress achieved under the EU Framework for national Roma strategies says the first signs of improvement in the lives of Roma are slowly starting to show.

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  • Improving employment chances for people with autism

    On the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day, on Wednesday 2 April, the European Commission publishes a report about four projects that were carried out during 2011-2013 to improve the employment situation of people with autism. These projects provide practical ideas about how to better involve people with autism in work. The projects were carried out in Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Italy.

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