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European Day of Persons with Disabilities Conference 2014


Until: 03/12/14

As every year, the European Commission is celebrating the Day of Persons with Disabilities together with the European Disability Forum.

You can watch the two days conference online:
Icon Streaming Tuesday 2 December 2014 Streaming Tuesday 2 December 2014


Icon Streaming Wednesday 3 December 2014 Streaming Wednesday 3 December 2014.

Persons with disabilities have the right to fully participate in society, and in equal terms with others. This right is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to which the EU is a party, together with its Member States. Making this right a reality, by removing existing barriers, is the main purpose of the European Union long-term strategy for the rights of persons with disabilities.

In this year's conference we will discuss the key issues of employment and accessibility and look at the challenges ahead. Why employment and accessibility? Job creation is a top priority for the EU. Having a job is the best guarantee for human dignity, self-esteem, financial independence and prosperity. Accessibility is key to ensure full participation in society as it helps removing obstacles that people with disabilities still face in their daily lives.

People with disabilities, their representative organisations, EU policy makers, service providers, think tanks, trade unions and employers will participate in the panels.

At the conference, the Commission will announce the winners of the Access City Award 2015, a competition that rewards cities’ efforts to ensure an accessible environment for all. The 2014 winner was the Swedish city of Göteborg, chosen from more than 100 European cities.

Registration for the conference can be made only upon invitation.

For any questions or if you woulld like to participate in the conference, please contact