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"Personal data - more use, more protection?"


In May 2009 the Commission organised a conference dedicated to personal data use and protection and to examining new challenges for privacy.

How should personal data be protected in a globalised world with increased mobility and in the wake of modern communication and information technologies?

Which data are accessed and exchanged by public authorities and private companies?

How well are current rules on international transfers of personal data working in the age of "cloud computing"?

What are the expectations of individuals and business and society as a whole in this field?

These and other topical questions were addressed by a conference on the use, exchange and protection of personal data in the EU, organised by the Commission in Brussels on 19 and 20 May 2009.

Interested individuals, business leaders, consumer associations, academics, data protection supervisors and public authorities from both the EU and third countries were invited to take part.

The conference gave the opportunity to various stakeholders to express their views and questions on the new challenges for data protection and the need for an effective information management strategy in the EU.

The conference was part of the Commission's open consultation on how the fundamental right to protection for personal data can be further developed and effectively respected, particularly in the area of freedom, justice and security.

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Speeches and presentations

Session 1: "Knowing you, knowing me" - new purposes, new challenges?

I. What does it mean today "in accordance with the law, necessary, proportionate, and appropriate in a democratic society"?

II. Profiling, risk assessment and advertising

III. The role of business and personal data protection

Session 2: "Does your mother know?" - no - but could she?

I. Transparency and notification in the age of internet

II. Awareness and public opinion

III. Supervisory authorities and the data subject

IV. Consumer protection and personal data protection

Session 3: "Take A Chance On Me" - towards a new data protection culture in Europe?

I. Identity management

II. Data security, certification and privacy professionals

III. Is there a "fundamental right to forget"?

IV. Towards a Charter on Digital Data Protection and Freedom of Information?

Giovanni Buttarelli, Assistant Supervisor, European Data Protection Supervisor:

V. Globalisation issues

Artemi Rallo Lombarte, Director, Spanish Data Protection Agency, Spainppt8 [2 MB]