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A new call for proposals under the Hercule II Programme, Sector Training.


Hercule II (2007-2013) is a EU funding programme to promote activities in the field of the protection of the EUs financial interests. Funding opportunities for "Training in the area of fight against fraud" are available to support training activities which contribute in a preventive and/or operational way to combating fraud detrimental to the financial interests of the EU.

Actions eligible for receiving financial support under this Call should relate to the organisation of training activities with the aim to ensure the expansion of the knowledge base, the exchange of information and the identification and dissemination of good practice.

Non-exhaustive list of training activities supported:

- Training in the form of conferences, seminars, colloquia, meetings, symposia, e-learning, round tables and staff exchanges;

- Exchanges of best practices (including on fraud risk assessment).

The financial contribution from EU for the proposed activities will not exceed 80% of the eligible costs. 20% of the total eligible costs must be borne by the beneficiary

Estimated amount available for 2013: € 1.000.000,00

You will find all necessary details and documents to be submitted at the following link:

Closing date for submitting applications: Wednesday 29th May 2013.