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Public consultation on contract rules for online purchases of digital content and tangible goods

Contract law

When developing policy and legislation, the European Commission consults widely with EU citizens and stakeholders through public consultations.


Insurance Contract Law: Expert report pinpoints obstacles to cross-border trade

Contract law
European Commission Press release Brussels, 27 February 2014 An expert group set up by the European Commission to examine barriers to cross-border trade in insurance law across Member States (IP/13/74) delivered its comprehensive report today.

Euronews: EU to simplify cross-border trade rules

Contract law

Euronews episode of Right on takes a look at online shopping: Less than one in ten Europeans buy online from other EU countries. For both consumers and sellers, the process is simply too complicated... To boost cross-border trade, cut costs and give customers greater choice, the EU has drafted a Common European Sales Law.


European Commission convenes legal expert group to seek solutions on contract law

Contract law
Brussels, 21 May 2010 The European Commission, seeking to boost cross-border trade and to ensure strong rights for consumers, convened a new expert group to propose ways to improve contract law in the European Union. The group of 18 contract law experts, lawyers and consumer representatives met for the first...

Improving your choice for buying and selling. Play video

Contract law

Only 8% of consumers shop online from other European countries. New EU rules give the online shopper the option of choosing a European sales contract. This will make it easier and cheaper for you to buy and return online your favourite products, and will give you the trust that your rights are being protected across Europe. This optional European contract will also help businesses grow, by letting them trade anywhere in Europe under the same rules and without additional costs.


Viviane Reding Vice-President of the European Commission, EU Justice Commissioner The optional Common European Sales Law – Seizing the opportunity! Conference on European Contract Law W...

Contract law
Dear guests, dear colleagues, I am glad to see so many of you at this very timely conference on the future of European contract law. I would like to thank our Polish colleagues for the warm welcome they have given us in Warsaw and for the excellent organisation of this...

Common European Sales Law to boost trade and expand consumer choice

Contract law

The optional Common European Sales Law will help break down the trade barriers and give consumers more choice and a high level of protection. It will offer a single set of rules for cross-border contracts in all 27 EU countries.


EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding meets with leaders of Europe’s insurance industry

Contract law
Brussels, 21 September 2011 European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding is today meeting with leaders of European insurance companies to discuss European contract law in the insurance sector, the follow-up to the Court of Justice of the European Union's 1 March Test-Achats ruling on gender discrimination in insurance pricing, limitation periods...

Viviane Reding Vice-President of the European Commission, EU Justice Commissioner Opening trade and opportunities: From the Hanseatic League to European Contract Law Informal meeting of t...

Contract law
Sopot, Poland 19 July, 2011 Dear Krzysztof, dear Ministers of Justice, The Polish government was truly inspired to kick off its Presidency in the field of justice in Gdansk, right on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The Presidency has put the theme of European contract law high on the...

European Commission welcomes Parliament's support for an optional Europe-wide contract law

Contract law
- Press release European Commission Strasbourg, 8 June 2011 - The European Parliament, in a vote of its 736 members plenary today, with an overwhelming majority (521 in favour, 145 against, 8 abstentions) backed optional EU-wide rules for businesses and consumers who are concluding contracts in the Single Market.

Viviane Reding EU Justice Commissionner, Vice-President of the European Commission The Next Steps Towards a European Contract Law for Businesses and Consumers Keynote Speech at the Confer...

Contract law
Dear Professor Stuyck, dear Professor Schulze, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a pleasure to be with you today to discuss the challenges of European Contract Law. I am impressed to see so many bright legal minds from all over Europe who have come to Leuven for this purpose: Judges from...

Cross-border transactions: European Commission publishes expert group's feasibility study on European contract law

Contract law
Brussels, 3 May 2011 An expert group established by the European Commission has today delivered a feasibility study on a future initiative on European contract law. In April 2010, the Commission convened the group, made up of legal practitioners, former judges and academics from across the European Union, to explore...

European Commission welcomes European Parliament committee vote in support of an optional European Contract Law

Contract law
Brussels, 12 April 2011 The European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee approved a report today that favours the elaboration of an optional European Contract Law. This is in response to several options put forward by the European Commission for a more coherent approach to contract law (see IP/10/872).

Contract law: Commission considers way forward

Contract law
Brussels, 31 January 2011 As part of the EU's action to tackle bottlenecks in the Single Market and to boost growth, the European Commission carried out a public consultation on bringing more coherence to contract laws in Europe (IP/10/872) – the rules that apply to businesses and consumers buying and...

Green Paper on policy options for progress towards a European Contract Law (ECL)

Contract law

When developing policy and legislation, the European Commission consults widely with EU citizens and stakeholders through public consultations.


Joint statement by Mr Christos Papoutsis, Minister of Citizen Protection of Greece and Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner in charge of Home Affairs: Greece and the Commission agree...

Contract law
Brussels, 27 September 2010 The Minister of Citizen Protection Mr Christos Papoutsis and the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ms Cecilia Malmström met in Athens on 27 September to discuss ways to assist Greece in its efforts to reform the Greek asylum system.

European Commission holds first contract law roundtable with business and consumer groups

Contract law
Brussels, 7 September 2010 The European Commission held the first meeting of business, consumer and legal practitioners' groups today to discuss European contract law. At the moment, different national contract laws lead to higher transaction costs for businesses.

European Commission seeks contract law solutions to smooth Single Market for consumers and businesses

Contract law
Brussels, 1 July 2010 Contracts are the basic building blocks for relationships between businesses and consumers. The European Union’s Single Market is built on contract laws. However, businesses – particularly small and medium-sized companies – are hampered in cross-border sales because they must follow different contract laws for each of...

Workshop on Standard Terms and Conditions

Contract law

Workshop on Contract Law and Standard Terms and Conditions, Brussels, 19 January 2004


Workshops on the 2003 Action Plan

Contract law

Workshops on the European Contract Law Action Plan, 16 and 23 June 2003