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Workshop on Misleading Marketing Practices (B2B)


The Commission hosted a workshop on 1st March on misleading marketing practices affecting businesses and on the application and review of the Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive 2006/114/EC.

The Communication on the Directive "Protecting Business against misleading marketing practices and ensuring effective enforcement"pdf Choose translations of the previous link has been adopted on 27 November 2012.  It presents a detailed list of actions for the future to increase the protection of businesses.

The morning session (agendapdf(10 kB) was dedicated to the presentation of the Communication and the future plans to revise the Directive. Participants included national authorities of Member States and EEA countries, business associations, advertising associations, chambers of commerce and various other stakeholders.

The restricted afternoon session for the Member States' authorities (agendapdf(10 kB) focused on key issues related to the enforcement of the Directive and in particular, on the coordination of enforcement action in cross-border cases of misleading marketing practices.

In parallel, in the afternoon the stakeholders took part in a workshop organised by the 'Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services' (CSES), the Commission's contractor (agendapdf(201 kB). The workshop provided the opportunity to raise key questions and share insights on misleading marketing practices affecting businesses.