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Justice for growth: Commission launches public consultation on resolving disputes out of court


Today, the European Commission is launching a public consultation on the application of the Directive on mediation in civil and commercial matterspdf. This alternative dispute resolution mechanism facilitates the quick and cost-effective resolution of disputes. It avoids the worry, time and cost often associated with court proceedings.

At European level, the average number of days in mediation is 43 days whereas the average number of days in court proceedings is 566 days. If mediation would systematically precede any trial in civil disputes, annual cost savings could be between €15 billion and €40 billion.

Commissioner Jourová said: "A well-functioning justice system is a fundamental pillar for every democracy. Mediation can play an important accompanying role by speeding up the resolution of disputes in civil and commercial matters. Thereby alternative dispute resolution contributes to an investment-friendly environment."

The public consultation will collect views from all interested individuals, mediators, legal practitioners, academics, organisations, courts, national authorities and Member States. It will feed into the preparation of the Commission’s report on the application of the Directive foreseen in 2016.

The questionnaire is available until 7 December in 23 official EU languages.