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Strategic partners and other countries

Map of the world with flags from across the world © JSD, fotolia

Cooperation in the field of justice plays a central role in the EU's relations with partner countries. Depending on the type of relationship, different frameworks for these partnerships have been set up.

The EU develops long-term relationships with major actors on the world stage involving long-term goals and commitments. Cooperation in the field of justice is one key element.

This cooperation can be put into practice through different tools such as international agreements, road maps, joint action plans, expert and Summit meetings or policy dialogue.

Partnerships are established not only with individual countries, but also with groups of countries or regions. The strategic partnerships with the African Union and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are examples for this type of relationship.

Activities such as strengthening the rule of law and the judiciary as well as cooperation on prevention of illegal activities are carried out in the framework of Partnership and Cooperation Agreements.

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