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Downloading child abuse images - Evaluation of a CBT module with adolescents

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Downloading child abuse images - Evaluation of a CBT module with adolescents

Evaluation of a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) module with adolescents who sexually offend through downloading child abuse images (child pornography).


This project aimed to offer prevention-focused self-help materials to adolescents experiencing problematic behaviours in relation to Internet child pornography. The intention of the project was to build on existing ‘telehealth’ materials from previous Daphne and COPINE projects, and adapt them for application to adolescents. The aim was to reduce the likelihood of victimization of children and young people on the Internet.
In recent years there has been an increase in the number of adolescents identified through police operations who have been found guilty of crimes relating to the downloading of abusive images of children from the Internet. Therapeutic service provision for such offenders is offered within a Cognitive Behaviour (CBT) framework, but such a framework has yet to acknowledge problem cognitions and behaviours specific to Internet abuse images. As a product of Daphne project 2001/042/YC, Taylor and Quayle (2003) proposed a model of offending that informed the production of brief assessment and intervention materials. These are being piloted with a population of adult offenders. This project set out to extend this work for a further twelve months to allow for an assessment of the effectiveness of such an intervention with an adolescent population.


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Material available

- Data on the prevalence of sexually problematic behaviour related to the Internet from 2 major UK service providers.
- Data about current therapeutic approaches to the same.
- Guidelines for good practice for practitioners.