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NEW START-Life coaching and mentoring empowerment for women for a new start

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NEW START-Life coaching and mentoring empowerment for women for a new start

Aim & Context

Women victims of violence develop a negative self-image and present extremely low self-esteem standards. This negative image leads them to lack of motivation, feeling of inadequacy for a job and weakening of social and personal skills to develop a professional career. They often retract from professional and social life. To tackle this issue, it is necessary to introduce more innovative and broader advisory methodologies to traditional training schemes. The new approach and methodologies to support women to give them self-confidence and self-esteem and, eventually, re-enter into the labour market proposed in NEW START aimed at empowering women autonomy, motivation, employability, entrepreneurship and social inclusion.


New Start developed and implemented a training and motivational programme for women victims of gender violence based on both life coaching and mentoring techniques. The programme provided victims with tools to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem and problem-­solving skills as well as to develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to re-enter the labour market and to facilitate their social inclusion. To enhance the quality and effectiveness of these measures, the project partners jointly developed a common methodology, protocols and quality control systems to deliver these services.


During the project, 78 trainers got acquainted with new practical tools for empowering women victims of violence and 157 women who were victims of gender based violence improved their self-esteem and self-efficacy considerably. As it was evidenced by measuring the impact of the programme and using questionnaires results before and after training, all participants developed these competencies. Their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship was improved. The benefits of entrepreneurship education were not limited to boosting start-ups, innovative ventures and new jobs. Entrepreneurship is a competence for everyone, helping women to be more creative and self-confident in whatever they undertake. Women's sense of victimhood was diminished and their emotional management skills were enhanced. New Start also contributed to increasing the awareness in terms of women’s right in the society.

The main output of the project was the Guide of coaching and mentoring assistance to women victims of gender violence, which was addressed to professionals providing coaching and mentoring assistance to the women victims of gender violence. The NEW START guide explained the toolkit of training materials developed as part of this programme. It explained how to make best use of the toolkit to tailor training to the needs of female survivors of gender based violence.

This toolkit was built around the development and delivery of life coaching and mentoring sessions to victims of gender violence. It formed part of the Transnational Guide for Life Coaching and Mentoring that were transferred to other organizations and mainstreamed to several local policy instruments.


NEW START training was implemented in close cooperation with local and regional stakeholders, so this project strengthened the network through which NEW START methodology will continue to exist on a long term at national level.