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Beijing Platform for Action

Indicators adopted at EU-level for the follow-up of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA).

This page contains the links to the conclusions adopted by the Council of the European Union since 1999 in the framework of the follow up of the BPfA. The acronyms of the country presiding the Council of the EU at the time of the preparation or adoption of the conclusions are indicated in brackets.

2015 - Gender Equality in Power and Decision-Making (LU)

2014 - Women and the economy: Economic independence from the perspective of part-time work and self-employment (EL)

2014 - 20-year review of the implementation by the Member States and the EU institutions of the Beijing Platform for Action (IT)

2013 - Advancing Women’s Roles as Decision-makers in the Media (IE)

2012 - Combating Violence Against Women, and the Provision of Support Services for Victims of Domestic Violence (CY)

2012 - Gender equality and the environment: enhanced decision-making, qualifications and competitiveness in the field of climate change mitigation policy in the EU (DK)

2011 - Reconciliation of work and family life as a precondition for equal participation in the labour market (PL)

2010 - Review of gender pay gap (BE)

2009 - Beijing + 15: a Review of Progress (SE)

2008 - Review of reconciliation of work and family life (FR)

2008 - Women and Armed conflicts (FR)

2008 - Review of Women in political decision-making (SI)

2008 - Girl Child (SI)

2007 - Women and Poverty (PT)

2007 - Education and training (DE)

2006 - Institutional mechanisms for women (FI)

2006 - Health (AT)

2005 - Beijing +10 review (LU)

2004 - Sexual harassment in the workplace (IE, NL)

2003 - Women and men in economic decision-making (EL, IT)

2002 - Violence against women (ES, DK)

2001 - Women in the economy (on equal pay) (SE, BE)

2000 - Women in the economy (reconciliation of work and family life) (PT, FR)

1999 - Women in political decision-making (FI)