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Implementation of gender mainstreaming - Belgium, 17-18 May 2011

In May 2011 a seminar was held in Belgium focussing on the implementation of gender mainstreaming. Two good practices were reviewed: one by the host country Belgium and the other by Sweden. 

The seminar  reviewed Belgian and Swedish good practices. Belgium presented its “Gender Mainstreaming Law” which aims at integrating the gender dimension structurally into all policies drawn up and pursued at Belgian federal level. Sweden explained its long-standing approach to gender mainstreaming on national policy level and on regional operational level.

The discussions stressed the importance of having a broad long-term political commitment to gender equality; strong legal frameworks and obligations; awareness among the citizens in general; the importance of reaching a common and shared knowledge of concepts and definitions; the relevance of education and training in gender equality issues; the significance of specific and technical expertise in dealing with gender instruments and tools, follow-up activities, monitoring and evaluation; the need of independent bodies to monitor and assess changes; and the importance of bringing gender mainstreaming into local processes.

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