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Workplace equality plans


In Finland a tripartite Equal Pay programme for 2007-2011suomi has the aim to reduce the gender pay gap from around 20 % to 15 %. The programme includes actions on desegregation, the development of pay systems, measures to support women’s careers, and calls for the social partners to establish agreements to reduce the pay gap. 

The Finnish Police have received an award for their initiative on equality planning. In 1997 their working group established a plan assessing many issues related to gender, including wage structures. The success of the plan is now monitored annually using specially developed indicators.


In Germany, the federal government has developed a code of practice on the implementation of equal pay for work of equal valuepdfDeutsch

United Kingdom

In the UK, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has established a framework for equal pay reviews in public sector organisations. In some organisations historical or local reasons have allowed for flexibility, bonuses or other payments that tend to disadvantage women. An example can be found in the Environment Agency, which undertook a joint review of pay, and grading identified widespread discrimination. This resulted in an agreement for a new grading structure. 

In the UK higher education sector a joint working party on equal pay was established with the aim of tackling the wide-ranging pay discrimination identified in a report on pay discrimination. This covers all categories of workers in higher education including manual, administrative and teaching staff. A national enabling agreement and national guidelines for local implementation have been agreed.

Please find here all the documents related to the gender pay gap.