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In Austria, Equal Pay Day Deutsch has been celebrated annually during the month of April since 2009. Activities have included encouraging women to ask questions about pay in their workplaces, as well as inviting companies to analyse their own pay structures to see if there is a pay gap between male and female employees. The Day is organised by Business and Professional Women (BPW) Austria.


Belgium was the first country in Europe to organise an Equal Pay Day français in 2005. Zij-kant the progressive women’s movement, in collaboration with the trade union FGTB, is the main organiser of the event which takes place every March. Each year an innovative campaign, featuring posters and a video clip, is launched around the Day to draw attention to the issue of equal pay.

Czech Republic

Equal Pay Day čeština is organised regularly in the Czech Republic during the month of April. Recent activities have included an event at a shopping centre featuring music and dance performances, fashion shows and interviews with well-known personalities. Mentoring sessions have also been held which give women the chance to ask successful female entrepreneurs and managers questions about work and career progression. It is organised by BPW Czech Republic.


Equal Pay Day takes place annually in Estonia during April and is organised by BPW Estonia. During the Day, cafes and restaurants serve salmon dishes (a play on words as ‘lõhe’ in Estonian means both ‘salmon’ and ‘gap’) both with and without the herb dill. The dishes with dill are more expensive (by a percentage which corresponded to that year’s gender pay gap in Estonia) than those without, so highlighting the country’s gender pay gap.


In France, Equal Pay Day français has been organised annually during the month of April by BPW France since 2009. Every year, its symbol, a red bag, symbolising the earnings women lose due to the gender pay gap, is distributed at awareness raising events in cities across the country.


Germany first celebrated Equal Pay Day Deutsch in 2008. It takes place annually during the month of March. Its organiser BPW Germany is part of a coalition, made up of women’s associations, equal opportunities offices and representatives of employers and female entrepreneurs, which campaigns for equal pay.


Equal Pay Day has been celebrated in Greece during March since 2011. Debates on gender equality and music performances are among the activities organised. BPW Athens is the organiser.


Equal Pay Day Nederlands is celebrated during March in the Netherlands. The main organiser is BPW The Netherlands. Recent activities have included the sending of e-cards, to over a million women. The cards featured the question ‘Do you get paid what you earn?’, together with a link to a website where women can check their salaries to see if their organisation has a gender pay gap.


Poland has held an Equal Pay Day in the month of April since 2010. Organised by BPW Poland polski, actions have included a conference under the patronage of the Minister for Equal Treatment which brought together female entrepreneurs, decision makers, academics and journalists.


Equal Pay Day has been celebrated on 22 February each year in Spain following a declaration by the Spanish government in 2010. The Day is organised by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality español. Activities have included the production of lottery tickets with a special design which raise awareness of the Day and its aims. Stakeholders, such as women’s groups and trade unions, have also used the Day as an opportunity to talk about the gender pay gap by organising press conferences and publishing reports on the issue.


Sweden has celebrated Equal Pay Day during April since 2011. Recent activities have included a round table with female participants, comprising the CEO of a large company, a police officer and heads of a university and a regional council, to debate different aspects of equal pay. The main organiser is BPW Sweden svenska.

United Kingdom

Equal Pay Day in the UK has been organised by the Fawcett Society since 2009. Unlike the other national equal pay days, the UK’s Day is celebrated in the autumn. The date, which varies depending on the country’s gender pay gap that year, marks the day from which women in full-time employment effectively work for free until the end of the year.


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