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Logib and Equal-salary label, Switzerland

In Switzerland the principle of equal pay for women and men is enshrined in the Federal Constitution and in the Gender Equality Actpdf. Despite this commitment, there is a gender pay gap of 17.9% (Eurostat, 2011).

Checking equal pay in a company

Logib is a statistical tool developed by the Federal Office for Gender Equality using a self-assessment pay calculator. The pay calculator aims to check whether or not a company is implementing equal pay for equal work between women and men.

The calculation of wage inequalities is based on the same data as official payroll statistics. The factors that are used to define pay include the personal qualifications and experience of employees, as well as workplace related criteria such as work tasks and responsibilities. When companies undertake to use the tool they need to have access to the pay, qualifications and employment profile data of the company's employees.

The tool is an easy to use software package that is suitable for companies with 50 or more employees. If differences in pay are not immediately evident, a more detailed analysis can also be carried out, with the assistance of consultants and support from the Federal Office for Gender Equality. The tool can be downloaded for free and requires no prior knowledge of statistics to complete. In 2010 the tool was downloaded around 3 700 times. The tool is available in English, German, French and Italian.

A label to safeguard equal pay

Equal-salary is a label for verifying that a company has implemented equal pay for women and men. It was developed as a pilot in 2005 and from April 2010 became available to companies, not-for-profit organisations and government departments and agencies.

Equal-salary is based on the same criteria used in the Logib tool and companies are encouraged to use Logib prior to applying for the label.

The label has helped start a dialogue on how to implement equal pay within companies. Companies awarded the label gain a competitive edge and profile that enables them to attract the best employees.

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