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Civil society actions to close the gender pay gap

Civil society organisations, often in partnership with trade unions and government equality bodies, have a key role to play in raising awareness about gender inequalities. In many cases, the gender pay gap is included as part of the broader objective of their work in promoting equality in the workplace and combating discrimination.

Civil society organisations are frequently involved in Equal Pay Days. These national days are held annually, usually on the date into a year that a woman must work to earn what a man made the previous year. Equal Pay Days take place regularly in many EU Member States.

Other examples of initiatives involving civil society organisations can be found in the Action at national level: examples section.

What can civil society organisations do to raise awareness about the gender pay gap?

  • Participate in the annual Equal Pay Day in your country.
  • Find out about the gender pay gap in your country and draw up a plan to raise awareness about how the gender pay gap can be eliminated.
  • Get in touch with trade unions and women’s organisations to run joint campaigns to raise awareness.
  • Consider establishing an equal pay alliance with all stakeholders involved in closing the gender pay gap.
  • Contact your national Ministry and/or Equality body to find out what the government is doing to close the gender pay gap.
  • Organise a seminar to raise awareness amongst government representatives, employers, trade unions and civil society organisations.
  • Link equal pay to other issues that you lobby on, such as women’s poverty, pensions, women in decision-making and childcare.
  • Draw up leaflets, posters and a web page setting out the situation in your country and use the resources available on this website.

A number of campaigns on the gender pay gap have been organised by trade unions that could provide inspiration for civil society organisations looking to work on the issue of pay inequalities.

Please find here all the documents related to the gender pay gap.