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Women and men in decision-making

In 2003 the European Commission established a database to monitor the numbers of men and women in key decision-making positions in order to provide reliable statistics that can be used to monitor the current situation and trends through time. Data cover the following domains: 

From each domain page, tables of data on specific topics can be accessed. Data pages show the latest available information for each topic and include brief information on the organisations and positions covered. Moreover, for each topic an Excel file including the latest data and all existing historical data is available.

Highlights of the latest developments in the representation of men and women in positions of power are available each quarter.

Database coverage and methodology

The database covers 35 countries: the 28 EU Member States, four candidate countries (Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey) and the remaining EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). Figures are available for decision-makers at various levels (international, European, national, regional and local).

Most data are updated annually. However, quarterly collections are made for political decision-making at European and national level (as well as at regional level in case of elections). Biannual updates for data covering largest quoted companies were introduced in 2012. Local level political data have been collected since 2011 on a biennial basis. Data on national social partners are collected since 2014 on a biennial basis.

For detailed information on the coverage of the database, the periodicity of collection and definitions applied, see the WMID Methodologypdf(829 kB).