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(Trans)national project summaries

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  • 10 projects are currently run by national ministries and gender equality bodies to support equal economic independence for women and men including reconciliation of professional and private life and how to share housework and care responsibilities more equally between women and men. Please find here the link to the project summariespdf
  • 14 projects coordinated by national ministries and gender equality bodies have been funded. They aimed to promote balanced representation of women and men in positions of management and leadership at the various levels of the hierarchy in private and public companies in all sectors. Please find here the link to the project summaries pdf Choose translations of the previous link  and information sheetpdf(466 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 
  • Social partners, business associations, recruitment agencies and head-hunters, business schools, universities and research institutes, public bodies, and media are currently implementing projects to improve the gender balance in economic decision-making positions and to fight against the gender pay gap. Please find here the link to the project summariespdf Choose translations of the previous link  of 8 projects covering the gender pay gap and 9 projects dealing with gender balance in economic decision-making positions.
  • Several projects have been funded to raise awareness of gender-based violence and to develop grass-roots initiatives to prevent violence and support victims. Please find here the link to the web pages on funding awareness-raising of gender based violence and civil society organisations
  • Three calls for proposals have been run on improving gender mainstreaming in national policies and programmes in the framework of PROGRESS programme. A total of 31 projects on gender mainstreaming have been supported

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Current funding opportunities

  • The EU has launched a call for proposals, aimed at non-profit organizations to fund transnational projects to contribute to overcoming educational and occupational gender segregation - the tendency for women and men to go into different types of studies and work.

A study offers new information on how gender equality is taken into consideration in practices and processes of recruitment for upper management positions in listed and state-owned companies in Finland. It has been done in the framework of the project “Gender Equality in Top Management – Changing Practices in Economic Decision-Making (TASURI)” implemented by the Gender Equality Unit at the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

To simulate the nomination procedures to board positions, the online game “choose your board” (in German language) has been developed as part of the project. Users will receive feedback on the search processes and their boards’ diversity to enable them to reflect on choices and potential gender bias.

Croatia, Iceland, Italy, Slovenia and Austria
The nomination and selection procedures for top positions in management and country boards, the company culture and effective measures to increase women’s proportion towards a balanced representation, are the focus of the projects from Croatia, Iceland, Italy, Slovenia and Austria. Collaboration was established between the projects and a synthesis paper pdfon lessons learned and future measures was drafted.

Recommendationspdf on gender balance in the executive boards of companies and in senior management level have been developed on the basis of a research analysis carried out by the Ministry of Welfare of Latvia in cooperation with the Society Integration foundation. These recommendations are targeted to Latvian companies, ministries, social partners and other stakeholders.

“Balance between women and men in leading roles in the economy leads to more balanced decisions with a higher possibility of better results”. This is the message spread by the videos produced in the framework of the "Include.all" project, led by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of Slovenia and the Managers' Association of Slovenia.

In the framework of the "Mobilize talent" project, the Centre for Gender Equality in Iceland produced a video which promotes a website where people interested in becoming business leaders or members on company boards can gain information and follow online seminars on these subjects.

This video is one of the outputs of the project “Dismantling the Glass Labyrinth - Equal Opportunity Access to Economic Decision-making in Croatia”, led by the Ombudsperson for Sex Equality of the Republic of Croatia.